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Gs. 684.000


Tetera de cristal borosilicato con tapa de acero inoxidable y plástico, con mango de bambú. Capacidad: 1 L Ancho: 19 cm Altura: 24,50 cm Profundidad: 14,80 cm Línea de diseño: ASSAM Código: 11806-139 The ASSAM tea press from BODUM is made from high quality materials in a timeless, classic design without the trendy embellishments that will make a cup of tea a special experience for years to come. With the standard French press system, you can stop the brewing process at exactly the right time and thus achieve the desired strength: simply press down on the seal on the upper side of the tea maker and this will separate the prepared tea from the rest and it will be ready to drink. It maximizes flavor extraction of loose-leaf tea. The removable infuser eliminates bitter tea and the large glass infuser allows you to view the tea as it brews. The handcrafted spout on the heat resistant borosilicate glass gives it a classic look, and the natural bamboo handle makes it the most unique and practical tea maker ever. Use your favorite black, green, white or herbal tea. The ASSAM, a true classic uniting beauty and function.